NBW Debit Card Solutions

At NBW Bank, we offer for your convenience our debit card that can be used for purchases or at an ATM for withdrawals.

NBW’s Debit Card is an electronic banking card that is as easy to use as a credit card, yet it works like a check. It has the world-wide acceptance of debit MasterCard and can be used to make purchases as well as secure reservations. An authorization confirms that the funds are available in your checking account. Each completed transaction is deducted from your checking account and listed on your monthly statement. It’s safe to use because with a debit card there is no need to carry extra cash. You can also use your debit card at an ATM for cash and other banking services by using your PIN (personal identification number).

Get Cash

Need cash? Use your debit card at hundreds of ATM locations throughout the country.

No annual or monthly maintenance fee!

With your NBW Debit Card, you can also access funds in your checking account at Automated Teller Machines that display the Mastercard, or Cirrus logo. Pin based cash withdrawals are subject to a $0.25 per transaction fee. The fee is waived when the checking account is linked to a savings account or Certificate of Deposit with a balance of $2,500.00 or more.

Applications for NBW Debit Cards are subject to approval and cards are issued to qualifying checking accounts.

Please remember for your piece of mind, we will not ask nor should you give your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to us or to anyone who asks for it.

NBW has joined with other Wisconsin community banks to provide you with surcharge free ATMs across the state.

To find a surcharge free ATM you can download the ATM Access app at the Apple’s app store or Google Play. You can also go to ATM Access Finder.

Debit Card Alerts

Sign up for fraud transaction alerts on your NBW debit card. Download CardValet for free from The Apple App Store or Google Play or log into CardValet.com.

Once enrolled you can set:

  • Transaction amount alerts
  • Internet and phone transaction alerts
  • International transaction alerts
  • Temporarily block and unblock your card


Contact customer service at NBW Bank as soon as possible during regular banking hours or call Fiserv at 1-800-472-3272 for 24 hour assistance.

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