Business Credit Card Solutions

Sign up for a Visa Card and take advantage of the many ways a Business Card can help you manage and streamline your business.

Business Management

  • Expense Control – Accurate, comprehensive expense tracking.
  • Tax Advantages – The documentation you need for tax filing, audits, and expense management. If you use your card exclusively for business, your annual fee and interest charges may be tax deductible.
  • Automatic Reporting – Year-end reports summarizing total spending by charge category.

Streamline Your Business

The Business Card can be used for daily business needs – office supplies and equipment, software, cleaning supplies, even vehicle fuel and maintenance. You’ll find most of your suppliers readily accept Visa. When you use your card for small dollar purchases, you’ll reduce the cost of COD shipments and the number of checks you have to write to vendors, and you’ll improve cash flow by making use of float. You’ll also receive automatic 90-day purchase protection and double the manufacturer’s warranty up to one year on purchases made with your Elan Business Card.(1)

Business Travel

  • Worldwide Acceptance – 12 million places on the planet
  • Travel Insurance & Assistance – Up to $250,000 for you, your spouse, or other eligible family members when you charge your fare to your card. Also, lost ticket replacement, medical and legal referrals, and trip planning services. (1)
  • Car Rental Discounts – Save when you choose Alamo, Avis, Hertz or National for your next car rental.
  • Car Rental Collision/Damage Insurance – You’re fully covered when you charge auto rentals to your card. Save up to $15/day.

Cash on Hand

Cash access at more than 200,000 ATMs and 260,000 financial institutions around the world.

Stop in at NBW Bank to pick up an application or contact us, and we will be more than happy to send one to you.

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