About Us

Although NBW Bank was officially organized on September 2, 1905, the history of the bank actually began in 1876. George Hess opened a private bank in a new two-story brick building he had built at the corner of South Mill and Main Streets in Waupun. In 1885, he sold the building and the bank to the First National Bank of Waupun, whose charter authorized them to open for business on September 1, 1885.

An addition to the building was constructed in 1904, and at that time, an electric burglar alarm was installed. The charter issued to the First National Bank on September 1, 1885 expired on September 1, 1905. The Officers decided to reorganize the bank, and on September 2, 1905, a charter was issued to The National Bank of Waupun. The stock in the new bank was sold to residents of Waupun or vicinity and the new bank purchased all the assets and assumed all the liabilities of the First National Bank.

Construction of the new bank building located at its current site, was started on August 6, 1956. The move to the new building was completed on September 19, 1957. The new bank included a spacious lobby and new, more efficient equipment for processing checks. Features included in the new bank were a drive-up window and also a new service for Main Street – the time clock.

In 1975, the bank was remodeled and additional office space was added, along with an expanded bookkeeping department and three additional drive-up lanes.

In October of 1979, The National Bank of Waupun introduced the world of electronic banking to the City by installing an automated teller machine. Since that time, three additional automated teller machines have been installed in the Waupun area, one in Brandon, and one in Rosendale. The National Bank of Waupun entered the computer age in the late 70’s and currently operates using state-of-the-art computer technology within the bank.

In February of 1999, The National Bank opened its first branch bank, Brandon Bank, in Brandon, Wisconsin. For the first six months, the bank was operated out of a temporary trailer facility. On November 1, 1999, the bank moved into its new building.

On March 15, 2003 The National Bank purchased the Fairwater and Rosendale branches of M&I Bank.

In early 2015 the bank undertook a major remodeling project at its main office. This project created a spacious and warm feeling to the bank’s lobby and added new office spaces with existing offices also updated. A Founders Room was created to showcase numerous documents that present the bank’s history from its beginnings in the early 1900’s.

In 2016 the bank began a rebranding project to present itself as a bank that provides financial solutions to its communities. This included a newly designed logo, new signage at all the bank’s locations, and a redesigned website.

In August of 2017 the bank changed it’s charter designation from a national bank to a state bank, and thus becoming NBW Bank. For more information on what a charter change means to the great customers of NBW Bank, please enjoy the video below.